AARNA Mahal is Luxurious, stylish and multi functional spaces which can host up to 850 people make them ideal for any event from large scale weddings, corporate conferences, product launches, fashion events, birthday parties, Sangeet, etc. The seating layout has specifically been setup so that all of your loved ones are close by in a semi circular fashion.  No longer you need to worry about folks sitting at the back far behind!  In-house event planners will help customize packages of services and activities that would cater specifically to your needs. The marriage hall at AARNA have been host to some of the most talked about events. Innovative and commendable service make every marriage a unique and enriching experience. Our main marriage hall is 4500sqft floor space.


We boast our Bride and Bridegroom is located one above the other with the Bride‚Äôs room with stairs which the videographers and photographers LOVE!  When the bride walks down the stairs, you can see the elders and parents on a very very happy mood!!